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This very useful tool secures short threads on the back of your work.  Using the wire loop, weave through approx 4 or 5 stitches on the back then use the hook to pull the short end of the thread through the loop, then draw the loop back through the stitches.

The Tail Catcher includes both parts of the tool which are joined by a small silver chain.

When you find your thread is not long enough in your needle to finish on the back of your work,slip the wire under several completed stitches on the back.Use the hook to pull the short thread you want to hide through the wire.Now pull the wire back out from from under the stitches and your thread is now buried. A must for every stitcher. *Please note all items are checked and packaged appropriately before despatch. When purchasing a delicate item such as those in our pewter range, glass items, magnifiers etc, these should be treated with care and only be used for their original intended purpose. Under the conditions of our returns policy, a refund or replacement on any item will be processed on receipt of the item returned in its original packaging and condition without any signs of misuse.