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Sold by the pair for custom sizing, these re-usable stretcher bars can be tightened without removing the tacks! Easy to assemble, they are adjustable 4 ways to remove fabric sag The patented, adjustment mechanism is fully enclosed within each bar. A "T-tool" tightens or loosens the fabric.  You need 2 pair to make a frame.  T-tool and Grande Tacks sold separately. 

Here's how to order:  Just measure your finished canvas size and order a pair of Evertite Stretcher Bars to match each side.
So if your canvas is 12" x 18" you will need one pair of 12" and one pair of 18".  Don't forget the tool and the tacks.

All of the bars 6" to 18 "are 3/4 inch wide.
The bars from 19" to 33" are 1 inch wide.
These two widths are interchangeable, so that you can use an 18" on one side and a 20" on the other.
Any bars above 34" up to 55" are 1-1/4 inches wide and cannot be used with smaller sizes.
You can special order any bars from 8" to 55" in the 1-1/4 width.